Hopper hardware

Hopper was installed in 2014. It is a HP system consisting of 168 nodes with 2 10-core Intel E5-2680v2 Ivy Bridge generation CPUs connected through a FDR10 InfiniBand network. 144 nodes have a memory capacity of 64 GB while 24 nodes have 256 GB of RAM memory.

Access restrictions

Access is available for faculty, students (master’s projects under faculty supervision), and researchers of the AUHA. The cluster is integrated in the VSC network and runs the standard VSC software setup. It is also available to all VSC-users, though we appreciate that you contact the UAntwerpen support team so that we know why you want to use the cluster.

Jobs can have a maximal execution wall time of 3 days (72 hours).

Hardware details

  • 168 compute nodes

    • 2 Xeon E5-2680v2 CPUs@2.8 GHz (Ivy Bridge), 10 cores each
    • 64 GB RAM (144 nodes) or 256 GB RAM (24 nodes)
    • 500 GB local disk
  • 3 login nodes

    • 2 Xeon E5-2680v2 CPUs@2.8 GHz (Ivy Bridge), 14 cores each
    • 64 GB RAM
    • 500 GB local disk

The nodes are connected using an InfiniBand FDR10 network. More info on the storage system is available on the UAntwerpen storage page.

Login infrastructure

Direct login is possible to both login nodes and to the visualization node.

  • From outside the VSC network: use the external interface names. Outside of Belgium, a VPN connection connection to the UAntwerp network is required.
  • From inside the VSC network (e.g., another VSC cluster): use the internal interface names.
External interface Internal interface
Login generic login.hpc.uantwerpen.be
Login login1-hopper.hpc.uantwerpen.be ln01.hopper.antwerpen.vsc
login2-hopper.hpc.uantwerpen.be ln02.hopper.antwerpen.vsc
login3-hopper.hpc.uantwerpen.be ln03.hopper.antwerpen.vsc

Characteristics of the compute nodes

Since Hopper is currently a homogeneous system with respect to CPU type and interconnect, it is not needed to specify the corresponding properties (see also the page on specifying resources, output files and notifications).

However, to make it possible to write job scripts that can be used on both Hopper and Leibniz (or other VSC clusters) and to prepare for future extensions of the cluster, the following features are defined:

property explanation
ivybridge only use Intel processors from the Ivy Bridge family (E5-XXXv2) (Not needed at the moment as this is the only CPU type)
ib use InfiniBand interconnect (Not needed at the moment as all nodes are connected to the InfiniBand interconnect)
mem64 use nodes with 64 GB RAM (58 GB available)
mem256 use nodes with 256 GB RAM (250 GB available)