Thinking7 hardware

Thinking is KU Leuven/UHasselt’s older Tier-2 cluster. It has thin nodes, as well as GPGPU nodes.

Login infrastructure

You can access Thinking by using


This will loadbalance your connection to one of the 4 Thinking login nodes

Direct login is using SSH is possible to all login infrastructure without restrictions.

  • Two ivybridge login nodes for SSH access are available.


    These are ivybridge nodes, so for better performance, build your software on a haswell compute node.

  • One haswell login node for SSH access and one for TurboVNC access.


Hardware details

  • 144 haswell nodes
  • 5 GPGPU nodes
    • 2 Xeon E5-2650 v3 CPUs@2.3 GHz, 10 cores each
    • 64 GB RAM
    • 2 NVIDIA K40c@750 MHz, 12 GB GDDR
    • partition gpu
    • feature K40c

In the older partition of the cluster, nodes are connected via a QDR infiniband interconnect, while the newer partition has a faster FDR interconnect. See the diagram below.

A quick start guide is available to get you started on submitting jobs to the updated ThinKing cluster.

Thinking CentOS 7 hardware diagram